Learn about Cynthia Brown


Cynthia S. Brown took her frustration with the medical profession, and penned a book entitled: Can You Hear Me Now: or do I need to yell into your stethoscope? Brown’s ten-year journey with heart disease led her to write about her experiences. She began writing her book during a stay in the hospital, where she felt that she was not being taken seriously. Cardiologists kept telling Brown that she was having panic/ anxiety attacks and they wanted to put her on an anti-depressant. Brown was having none of that! So she decided to put her pen to paper and write her story.

Brownʼs book encourages physicians to listen, truly listen, to their patients, and encourages patients, especially women, to better advocate for themselves when it comes to their health. Brown states in her book, “If the guy at the repair shop isnʼt taking care of your car properly, what do you do? You yell, kick and scream until he makes it right. If the newspaper delivery boy is late with your newspaper, you donʼt wait several months or a year to get your paper, you call within the hour to complain…why then is it so darn hard for us to stand up to the person who has our very lives in his or her hands when we believe that our treatment is not complete or just?”

Brown became a WomenHeart Champion seven years ago, and completed the 2010 Science & Leadership Symposium at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She is committed to education, support and advocacy for all women living with and at risk of heart disease. Brown also visits Capitol Hill every Spring to tell her own story of living with heart disease, and to better educate those who have the power to change the way the world views women with heart disease.

Brown is retired and resides in Franklin. She has been a strong advocate, as well as a voice, for those individuals who have not had the ability to speak up for themselves. It is her hope that through this book, she can once again utilize her advocacy skills on behalf of those individuals who feel they have no voice when it comes to the medical care they receive, or in most cases, are not receiving.

Brown has a Bachelorʼs Degree in Liberal Arts and a Masterʼs Degree in Social Science from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.