Research for All Act (H.R.2101)

Although I didn’t approve of the 21st Century Cure Act (H.R.6), that doesn’t mean I won’t support other Acts.

The Research for All Act (H.R.2101) is a great example of an Act that will without a doubt benefit women living with heart disease, and I encourage everyone to support it!!

This Act was introduced by Representative Jim Cooper, R-TN-5 on 4/29/15.  On 5/1/15 the Act was referred to the Subcommittee on Health.  This Act provides for research, in cardiovascular clinical research studies, to include adequate numbers of women, analyzing results for gender differences, thus answering many remaining questions about how best to prevent, diagnose, and treat CVD in women as well as men.  The Act would also eliminate any inequities by requiring the National Institute of Health (NIH) to develop guidelines for the inclusion of female subjects in basic research, by authorizing funding for NIH’s Special Centers of Research on Sex Differences.

Being your own best advocate is not just about speaking up for yourself at your physician’s office…it’s also about knowing what is going on in legislation.  Knowing what you are voting for, is important, as you might be voting for something, or against something, that might just save your life one day!

WomenHeart is all about Advocacy, Education and Legislation…let’s follow in their footsteps….

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