Stand Your Ground

The term “stand your ground,” has evolved in recent years due to individuals having the right to protect their homes and loved ones.  This no longer is just a term, but a controversial law in most states.  A “stand your ground” law states that a person may use deadly force in self-defense without the duty to retreat when faced with a reasonable perceived threat.

I am in no way going to even touch on the heated debate that has been swirling around this law since it’s inception.  I am, however, going to use the term “stand your ground,” in regard to the patient/physician relationship, removing the “deadly force” portion for obvious reasons.

For many of us, we were brought up to NEVER question the doctor…EVER!!!!  It was viewed as being very disrespectful.  Even when we knew that there was something physically wrong with us, we would just quietly walk out of our doctor’s office, defeated and beaten down, pay our co-pay, and then head on home.

“Stand your ground” in medical terms means exactly that, especially for women who present with heart disease/attack symptoms!  NEVER retreat and never back down!  Stand your ground if you truly believe that you have a legitimate health concern, no matter what a physician says.  They work for you, and that includes giving logical answers.  The most common answers given by physicians are, “everyone has it….it’s very common….you’re under a lot of stress….” with my favorite being “I think everything is okay.”  You “think” everything is okay?  Your physician is not getting paid to “think,” but to “know.”

Women have always been more intuitive than men, and are much more astute at recognizing when something is amiss when it comes to their bodies.  Women are also much more likely to seek medical attention, until it comes to their heart.  Heart disease has always been viewed as a man’s disease, and even now, many physicians miss, or ignore, the signs/symptoms of heart disease/attacks in women.

Medical text books for years have ONLY dealt with men when it came to heart disease/attacks.  Even today, most clinical trials and research include all, or mostly men, even though heart disease is the Number One Killer of Women over all cancers, all diseases, and all other leading causes of death (murder; suicide; accidents)…this according to the National Center for Disease and Prevention Control’s most recent study.

The only time you should ever “retreat” from your physician’s office, is after you have received logical answers to your concerns, or on the flip side, have not received answers, let alone logical, to your concerns.  In the later case, retreat, but not before making sure that they know that they have been FIRED, and you will be requesting all of your medical records asap!!!

Even having knowledge of my long list of heart/lung issues, I can still show up at an ER and have at least one, if not more, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff roll their eyes, and talk down to me.  If this is happening to you, STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!  This isn’t a matter of whether or not your newspaper was delivered on time, or your car wasn’t repaired correctly…this is a matter of LIFE & DEATH – YOURS –  STAND. YOUR. GROUND.



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