When You Get “Bad” News

One would think that after a decade of getting “bad” news that one would get accustomed to it…not true!

There’s “bad” news, and then there’s “bad” news.  Let me explain…

The first “bad” news is that you have heart disease.  And from there it somehow snowballs into a huge monster of a snowball, with no warehouse to store it!

For some patients, not myself mind you, the bad news is “hey, you have a blockage in one artery and we can fix that with one stent, and then send you on your way!”  For patients such as myself, however, it’s just not that easy.  One heart diagnosis leads to another, and sometimes into other diseases, like in my case, lung disease hop on for the ride.

At last week’s follow-up visit with my cardiologist, I was told that the heart and lungs work very closely together…like a marriage.  My first thought was, “I’m screwed!”  If my marriages (three to be exact) were indicative of how my heart and lungs were going to work together, like a marriage, then there was very little hope.

I was placed on a new medication, as I could not tolerate the previous medication for my Pulmonary Hypertension.  We were not at a place where we would need to replace my mitral valve, but we were heading there at some point…kinda like a divorce.  You know it’s coming, but you have to go through the angst and exhaustion of getting there, and then wondering if it will all work out!

I am one of the lucky ones though, in that my cardiologist explains everything to me, and answers all of my questions in a way that even I, the patient, can understand.  I’m still not sure who was more shocked, however, when I asked her the million dollar question at the end of my last visit, “What is my life expectancy?”  She gave me the longer version, but for the sake of space and time in this blog, I will give you the short version.  If this next medication that she was providing me, in order to prolong my life, and give me the best quality of life, did not work, well then…

That “well then,” quickly turns into 3 years, maybe 5, maybe more….It’s a crap shoot, and I’ve never been a fan of Vegas and all of it’s gambling antics.  I like the simple concept of I hand you money and you hand me something back.  My crap shoot did not work…I was unable to tolerate the second medication given me, so now it’s on to Plan B….hope and pray for a miracle.

Being a Christian, I do believe in “miracles,” which will serve me well in the future, as it will take nothing less than a miracle to not only give me quality of life, but to also prolong my life.  I have grandkids, and I would rather be there in person, just as every grandparent would want, rather than be there in “spirit,” as family is quick to point out when a loved one has died and cannot attend a special,

So, for now, it’s back to work…back to helping save other women’s lives…back to being…I am extremely Blessed!!!!

Yours in learning to “never give up!”


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